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"During my Meister Drop-Ins I will be sharing an insight into my life as a DJ and music producer. I will be sharing tips, FAQs and showing you a behind the scenes on how I make my music, prepare music for a show and much more. Drop-In 1: An introduction to SURAJ. A short narration on my musical influences past and present Drop-In 2: A 30 minute performance of SURAJ originals only Drop-In 3: Q&A on DJ, Production, Touring & Technicals (20-30 min) Drop-In 4: A 30 min performance of SURAJ Remixes Only Drop-In 5: A conversation + Q&A & showcase Sounds Of Sasaab In Collaboration with Foozak + Midi Minds Kenya (60 Mins)"
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Kenyan born DJ, Music Producer & Sound Engineer, SURAJ creates contemporary electronic music infused with traditional African, cultural and musical elements.

After making his debut in Nairobi, SURAJ has emerged as a dynamic and trailblazing DJ/producer in East Africa. Since then, he has set his sights on becoming a beacon in Africa’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

From South Africa to Angola, Morocco to Ivory Coast, SURAJ’s consistent musical footprint on the African continent develops, it has also led him to showcase at leading European super-clubs like Watergate in Berlin, Germany & Pratersauna in Vienna, Austria. From multi-genre festivals like Nyege Nyege Festival (Uganda) Blankets & Wine (Nairobi), La.Sunday (Abidjan) to niche club nights like RISE- Watergate (Berlin) & Element House (Lagos), SURAJ continues to carefully curate a sonic experience that compliments his surrounding, all over the world.

Featuring on platforms and campaigns such as Boiler Room’s True Music Africa, Forbes Japan, FADER Magazine. BBC Africa & more SURAJ continues to conquer unchartered territories for electronic music DJs in the region, progress as an artist with a significant and consistent catalogue and stay true to his identity.