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Milan Bukovský

Mixologist, Restaurateur
Czech Republic
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"I wanna speak about 5 topics, which are very close and important to me. And I want to share my experience and knowledge, that would be gold for me in times when I was in need for it. Here there are: From freelance bartender to bar and restaurant owner. How to maintaing quality and popularity of your place. Using Jägermeister trought whole menu in modern bistro. Creativity behind creating. Foodpairing with Jägermeister - not only with game and desserts."
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I started as a half bouncer half shot pourer. Fell in love with mixology and hospitality. Went to the most famoust bars in Czech Republic to learn. I was running cocktail bar in fine dining restaurant, done pop-up events in industrial areas, managed garden parties for diplomats and many more. Now I'm running my own place, Atelier Bar & Bistro.