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When was the last time you played an exciting game with yourfriends? Let’smake a nicebut easyWinter Punch together and playthe interactive game“Die Werwölfe im Düsterwald/The werewolves from Darkwood”. Who knowsthis one? Maybe this will become yournew habit during lock down.Forget Netflix and boring walks outside, it’s time to save the night!
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Hi, I’m Kai from Berlin. Usually you can find me making great cocktails in Goldfisch Bar. Forten years now I am working in hospitality business, have been working from a Tex-Mex restaurant to high quality design hotels, always devoted to bar. Now it is alreadythree years I manage the cozy classic cocktail bar in Friedrichshain Berlin to provide special moments to our lovely guest from the “Kiez” and around the world. My focus are classic drinks but with a personal modern touch.I am born in Germany, but I am also Japanese. I really feel connected to this country where I also spend few years.Sometimes you can see and taste it in my drinks.What I love more than a great drink? Definitely delicious food from wherever. Cheers!