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"First of all, the video will be interesting to bartenders… I will tell about my recipes, and how I created them. I will share the sources from which I drew inspiration. A few words about participating in JagerLigaUA 2019, and about a trip to Germany to the Jagermeister factory. I’ll talk about trends and fashion for cocktails. Why in my bars I prefer not cook popular shots, but prefer ice cold shot Jagermeister. Few words about my team, and interviews with my friends who works in other bars in my city."
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I Was born in Odessa in 1986. After studying in the institute, I started working as a bartender. 4 years ago, began to study culinary. And became interested in the art of mixing drinks, I currently work as chief-Bartender in Radioactive-Bar. This year celebrated the 5 th anniversary of the wedding, and second birthday of my daughter.