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Pat lundy

United Kingdom
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I play drums for the electronic act, Modestep. Before Modestep, I was the drummer of funeral for a friend & london based metal band, Rise to remain. I’ve done a fair amount of gigs. Touring is what I live for. :)
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I basically live to play my drums live. I’ve been on stage since I was in single figures. I think my first live nation tour was 2008 and if I’m not mistaken it was supporting a band called Trivium.
Since those days, I’ve become more diverse as a drummer and broadened my listening.
If I’m not touring, I am usually just practicing at home & offering lessons. These Meister Drop-Ins are amazing and i look forward to teaching you, jamming some of your favourite Modestep songs on the kit ( or other artists- let’s have fun with it ) or just straight chillin & talking bout life! X