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"I want to show you how professional self-portraits come to life by taking you behind the scenes of a self-portrait photo shoot in my apartment based around some concepts I’m currently developing. I want to show you how to create some yourself, even if you don’t have anyone to take your photo. At colour therapy, I would host a workshop in which we can all paint something while listening to music and drinking, talking, mingling, while I can talk about what colour brings out what emotions in people. In photography workshops, I want to share my best tips on how anyone can make an amazing photo. At the end of a workshop people can give me some topics on which I can make a self-portrait, and then at the next workshop I’ll explain my process of thought behind it and bring them in to see how I create it.
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I’m a 25 y/o conceptual photographer from Vinkovci, Croatia. I’m currently finishing my graduate studies in the field of art history and philosophy in Rijeka, Croatia. My world is the world of magical frames and light and the camera is my best friend. I’m all about self-development through creativity and in my work I talk about the things I’m going though in life, things that inspire and motivate me.

I’m most fascinated with taboos, rebirth, redefinition of an individual and the world as a whole. Through my art I want to break old patterns of thinking and creating and I talk about freedom in every sense of word. Besides self-portrait photography I shoot fashion, beauty, architecture and abstraction.

I’m also a video-producer in the fields of fashion commercials and music videos. I graduated high school as a fashion designer and that’s something I’m also into and sometimes hired when a certain costume is needed for a shoot or a music video. I love making things with my hands and in my photography concepts a lot of props are made by me.

I also love becoming someone else when I take photos of myself, so I often see my self-portrait photography process as a private performance through which I learn about myself and grow as an individual. Besides creating photo and video content in a visual manner, I have a newly founded YouTube channel where I talk about self-development and spirituality. I’m a storyteller and everything I do needs to have a deeper meaning behind it. My main goal is to inspire, help and entertain people through my work so they can also live a more positive life filled with joy and creativity.