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Pavel Mandrla

Czech Republic


Don´t piss off your bartender

What does it mean when you say “etiquette” in the world of bar.
Together we are going to discover what doesn´t make your bartender happy and I hope we create a ten commandments of behaviour in a bar to improve it. I believe that most of the information will be a matter of course for you, but it is quite possible that some points will surprise you. And believe me, the stories that were born in the bar are the funniest.

And of course I can even focus on the basic techniques of making cocktails at home. How to make it funny with using some bar tricks, easily available ingredients with everyday items and anything what you can find in your kitchen.

Together we can make a journey into the history of the cocktail world using 56 herbs in a bottle.

And last but not least I can tell you the story of the Manifest and how to use it in mixology.