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Rich Franklin

Sneaker and Clothing Designer
United States
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"Hey it’s Rich from from Brooklyn, NY. Since we haven’t seen each other in quite some time, it’s awesome to be a part of the “SaveTheNight” project to help stay in touch and connected with people. It’s great that we can collaborate together and I can show you a little bit about me to learn some things about streetwear and fashion. You can expect an authentic conversation about my POV on the fashion industry and how Jägermeister plays an important role in streetwear culture. I’ll also be showing you 1 of a kind looks that I have designed not only for Jägermeister but also my favourite looks that I have made throughout my career. See you soon! Rich"
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5 Hacks To Customise Your Kicks

4 min

Superstar sneaker designer Rich Franklin walks you through a five hack trainer transformation that you can do right now.


Rich Franklin is a multi talented designer, focused but not limited to the streetwear and footwear realms. His clientele ranges from corporate America to your favourite celebrities, figures and hyper local avid enthusiasts.

He is the co-owner and designer of Rich & Faded which was founded in 2013. The brand is inspired from Brooklyn streetwear where Rich currently resides. The brand creates one-of-a-kind custom t-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts and hats.

Passion and creativity are the driving forces behind his work.