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"Avhath is a 5-piece unit from Jakarta, Indonesia. Officially established in January 2013, the band consists of Krig, BxP, Kvvlt and Svnn, and Yvd. The band members had also been involved in some respectable music projects in Jakarta, Indonesia scene such as 'For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge', 'Catharsis' and 'Werewolf Does Calculus'. Avhath's characteristics mostly epitomize the nasty concoction of dark, vigorous Black Metal riffs along with fast, energetic Crust Punk beats. Up until today, Avhath has released 11 releases in various music medium such as vinyl, cassette, cd, and digital release. They’ve been touring the nation with Disfare in 2015, played abroad for a couple times, and shared the bills with Deafheaven, Ill Natured, Cult Leader, Full of Hell, and more
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Formed in a circular-like stage; introducing with Avhath’s new aesthetic by using eerie lighting effects and glitched-liquified visual approach. The whole idea is to portray Avhath’s identity through the video where the viewers can then experience an uncanny ambiance.

We will also be premiering two of our new songs for our upcoming release. So mark the date!