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"I am going to teach about the history of the turban, its origin and different ways of use. I will also talk a bit about why wearing a turban without being an Afro-colombian and why it is not cultural appropriation. The Miss Balanta project was born in october 2013 in a spontaneous way; the graphic designer Angelica Balanta grew up seeing her mother using turbans, which became her main inspiration. Her urge to learn more about her afro-colombian roots has been the motivation to transform pieces of fabric into fashionable pieces of art. To empower the women and to highlight the afro culture values are the DNA of Miss Balanta."
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Theoretical- practical workshop on how to put on a turban with the fabrics or turbans you have at home.

Miss Balanta, the brand and the person, has become a reference in Colombian fashion, and pioneered and opened up a market for turbans as a headwear and fashion item in Colombia. Miss Balanta is invested in sustainable fashion with social responsibility, this includes collaboration with and donations to foundations supporting women with cancer or illnesses causing hair loss, moreover conducting workshops on how to use and feel beautiful wearing turbans, contributing to their self esteem while sick with cancer. Her followers ensure that Miss Balanta´s products are therapeutic head pieces, then make them feel secure, beautiful and empowered.