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Cristóbal Rogers, also known as SYAR is Chilean rapper who has dedicated to investigate and analyse different styles within the rap category of hip-hop. His search starts in 2011 when SYAR starts his career in rhymes also integrating freestyle and improvisation as part of his routine at the moment of exercising vocabulary and flow.
In the year 2017, SYAR stats to focus his career I a professional way, doing his first inscriptions in freestyle battles and decides to create a home studio, opening paths to his first studio album released in 2020: “IDENTIDAD”.
“IDENTIDAD” reflects the beginnings of SYAR considering from his first composition to his lasts singles in 2019, integrating a selection of his best hits. Today he has more than 4.000 monthly listeners in Spotify, his album is reaching 90 thousand plays and today he is a part of a selection of artists of the “DIVISION REC” record label.