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"When people join my drop-in, they can expect to learn about photography, basic concepts, hacks, and basically at the end of the drop in they’ll can improve taken pictures and better new ones. Only with their phones (android or iphones) they will be able to fix pictures than thought lost, and will never up load a social network picture with out develop it with the apps (all they for free)"
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I always thought that before I was 30 years old I wanted to travel the world, so 3 years ago I quit my job and I started traveling 100%
And thanks to this great trip, “Viajando Barato” (affordable traveling) started, as a way to inspire people to leave their comfort zone, and motivate them to # TravelMore because Traveling gives Happiness, to live life now, because if they do not live the moment now maybe they can never do it.
And this is what makes me different from other travelers, I seek to generate emotions, show them how easy it is to travel, I make them feel that they are there, I show them with facts that money is not the biggest obstacle to achieve their goals.