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"Book my Drop-In session and we are going to have a very interesting, dynamic and fluid conversation around my 5 years’ experience as a producer and DJ. Nowadays you can easily find old tutorials from old people on YouTube so I will show you how you can make music from home with a freshness for your party! So, with me you’ll have the chance to easily communicate what you want, what you need to know, having fun and feel comfortable learning. I will deconstruct the tracks I have made that are already on music platforms. Also, I'd like to show you how to match different songs for creating a good set or mashup! We are going to learn and enjoy great music! We can communicate in Spanish or English!"
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Since his first appearing into the national electronic music scene in 2015, Fanvel has accumulated nearly 1 million streams on his music productions, making him one of the most listened national DJs in Chile. His music and experience have made him appear on Creamfields Chile 2020´s line up. He has collaborated with various national and international artists, such as Toa Valantin and Justin Turner; and internationally renowned labels such as Universal Records (Avicci, Ed Sheehan, Taylor Swift). His energetic productions have led him to present in front of more than five thousand spectators. He plays Live most of his sets, promising a unique and personal experience, making it a great addition to any event.