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"During my drop in, we will prepare and appetizer chosen together with my guest’s zoom party host. W'll talk a bit of some history of this recipe that has a relation with a personal anecdote. My recipes uses to be associated with funny experiences that are awesome to tell and to be heard. This histories will make ways to have interesting conversations. If the host or group wants and time allows us, we will finish the session with a tarot card reading that can be associated to a question or simply to and advise to each of the participants or the entire group. This lecture will be in a creative character, not therapeutic but using major arcanes of the “Magicosmic Tarot of Pop Stars” of the Colombian author Amalia Andrade. Drop in available in Spanish and English"
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Ignacia Allamand is Chilean film, theatre and television actress based in Mexico since 2017. She has participated in multiple TV and film projects in Latin America, México and USA. Actually she is part of the “El Dragon” and “Desenfrenadas” cast, both available in Netflix and writes opinion columns in “Crónicas de una Güera” for Nueva Mujer Chile. She participates in Master Chef Celebrity Chile, also radio announcer, eternal traveller, tarot student and cook.
She shares all of her experiences and recipes through her Instagram account @ignaciachaopez while she is working in her first book (2021) in Maitencillo, Chile.