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Gizela Kova

United States
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What can you expect from Me at a Meister Drop in? Well, that depends on the party! I am a versatile entertainer. I can sing (although not very well but hey I’m a Drag Queen so I get a free pass on that one!), I can dance, I’m a simple DJ, I can kick and split and sometimes even lose my wig in a cartwheel, but that’s the best part of Drag. It’s not supposed to be serious, it’s supposed to simply be FUN. I’m a great comedian as well so I can drop in and serve you a good ole Roasting (no i won’t be cooking, it’s stand-up comedy). Want to unleash your inner Queen? Well grab a wig (or not) and I’ll show you how to do some simple Drag makeup looks. I’ll even teach you the basics of Drag Queen Reading and Shade, which may come in handy next time someone cuts you in line at circle K!
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I am a Drag Queen, DJ, Stand Up Comedian, Host & even a clown with unique makeup skills! When it comes to my Drag, I provide endless possibilities of entertainment because ultimately my main goal is to entertain and ensure everyone is having a good time. My Drag Shows are unique, comedic, full of energy but most importantly a lot of fun.