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Amy Michelle



I've been working in bars for as long as I was tall enough to see over one. First, I began working in a dive bar in Galway City and gradually moved across to Dublin almost 4 years ago, and now work in a large cocktail bar named House in the Big Smoke. But I'm still a country girl at heart.

Throughout my career I've got to travel quite extensively, from the US to Europe, guest bartending, learning and meeting the most exciting people along the way. I've been a member of HC for 4 lovely years now with the most fabulous team, (I'll tell you a few stories from our adventures).

You'll find me in the kitchen often whipping up new ingredients from the most seemingly random bits. I mostly focus on classic drinks and have a huge love for Tiki. You know Tiki? Sand, sea, pineapples on everything, dancing and candles at moonlight? There's something delightfully similar between Jäger and Tiki. The love of the night air, endless dancing and friends on every side. Prost to that!

So, for a "Show me what you got!" Session,
gather up all the flavours/ingredients you wanna make a cocktail with and I'll guide you through making some drinks to your liking, think "BYOC" and I'll try my best to make the same one along with you.
Remember you don't need fancy equipment, a thermos works just as well as a shaker , and an egg cup works as a measure.

For a "Super Sunday Sesh"
I'm gonna show you how to make simple syrups at home that can add an extra dimension to your cocktails, they all work on a base of sugar and water so make sure you have both, but after that you can forage, pluck, grab from the cupboard or buy your desired flavour and I'll help you reduce them down to delicious ingredients. Sundays are meant for family and friends so grab em together and we'll make some tasty drinks you can share and show off your skills.

And for a "Is today Tikiday?" Sesh
I wanna see the most flowerific outfits and were gonna make a version of a Jungle Bird, one of the most delicious tiki drinks with minimal ingredients. For this you'll need Jäger, pineapple juice (fresh is best) lime juice and some red grapefruit and sugar syrup (this is just 1:1 sugar dissolved in hot water and let cool)

Mahalo my Lovelies xxxxx

Amy Michelle

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