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Die Zauberkoffer



With years of professional experience in show business, the Jägermeister magicians Ben & Joe (aka Die ZauberKoffer) know what it really takes to impress their audience by utilizing the simplicity and perfection of handmade illusions. Underlined by the fact that these two have already been on numerous stages across the country and beyond the borders (Germany, Dubai, South Africa, etc.), both of them have an in-depth understanding of close-up magic, visual effects with cards and coins, and are even able to make various objects appear out of thin air! The two have been performing together as the duo "Die ZauberKoffer" since 2010 and have performed their magic at countless corporate events, trade fairs, weddings, releases from prison, or divorces. No matter the circumstance, it is their number one goal to make every event unique. How do they achieve this? With incredible tricks, professionalism, and of course with a lot of fun!

Right now they are looking forward to making your Drop-In an unforgettable experience too, so don’t hesitate to book your exclusive session with Ben & Joe.

Each session is individually designed and can be joined by anyone who is interested in diving deeper into a world full of secrets and deception. The combination of outstanding trickery (cards, coins, mentalism, etc.) and witty humor makes this Drop-In a must have on your bucket list during your time at home. – And if you’re lucky, we might even let you have a look behind the scenes and teach you a few tricks.

This session lasts for 20-30 min and is available in German and English. For the interactive workshop, please make sure to have some cards, coins, and rubber bands at hand.

Interested? Grab your magic wands, conjure up a Jägermeister, and let’s create some unforgettable moments.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!
Ben & Joe