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Music is a language we all understand no matter who we are or where we’re from. My role as a DJ is to ensure I leave the crowd feeling like they’ve embarked on a musical journey. During this time I use my craft to uplift and entertain; it’s such a privilege to do what I love and when I do, I give 110%.
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The Cape Town-based Electronic Music Producer and DJ has been at it for over a decade. Prior to that, Gina Jeanz’s musical
inclinations kicked off at the age of 7 when she picked up the violin. This sparked her interest and motivated her to pursue her passion in music production. She has gone onto performing at Southern Africa‘s major festivals as well as producing for local and international upcoming artists.

Gina Jeanz’s technical exploration of music evokes emotion with her skilfully produced tracks and curated mixes. Her sound selection can be likened to a cosmic exploration of music infused with electronic influences and rhythmic percussive arrangements.