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PHO is a DJ and musical producer from Bogotá, Colombia that has been involved in the musical industry since 2003.

He has worked with artists such as Natalia Lafourcade, DJ Shadow, Little Dragon, Portugal The Man among others.

On the DJ field, PHO has his backbone on the Turntablism and Scratching, he’s been two-time Red Bull Thre3style national Champion and he was ranked in the top 40 of best turntablists DJs in the world in the project “I Scratch Tokyo, 2015”

Since 2016 PHO became a product specialist for the Japanese brand “Pioneer DJ” and helped with the design of new products, also, in 2017 he has got the title of Ableton Certified Trainer, recognition that take him to work with this German software company.

Since 2018 he starts creating music trough elements that conduct energy.
Nowadays PHO keeps producing, mixing records around the globe and creating projects that involve music and other art forms.