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"In my drop in sessions you are going to have a peek into the life of a bartender. What´s everyday life like? Does being a bartender always mean working late hours on the weekends and partying hard behind the bar? Or is there a real business side to „Mixology“, as we like to call it? We will discuss current issues concerning the Corona crisis and possible solutions as a gastronomic business. I will also take you on a liquid journey with Jägermeister. We will have interactive mixing sessions, boasting the mixability and elegance of Jägermeister in a cocktail. I will also show you how easy it is to balance a drink with simple ingredients that you can find at home, in your garden or in any supermarket!"
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Hi, I am Nic Shanker, 37 years old, from Düsseldorf, Germany. I have been bar tending for 21 years now and been in the cocktail catering business since 2005. I am very passionate about my job and can say I definitely chose the right job!

I am the cocktail expert for the national breakfast show and I also play the barkeeper role in the German version of „First dates“ on tv.