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Alexey ORLOV

Dj, producer
Russian Federation


He has been completely obsessed with electronic music since 2008 when he started to play records and make parties in his home town, a small town close to Moscow, Russia. His dedication to booking high quality artists and promoting key events in Russia lead him to join the Slowdance crew and become one of the heads of the project in 2013.

His focus has always been on developing his skills, collecting vinyl, producing music and developing community around the world and communicating with like minded people with the same passion for music and art.

In 2017 together with Tagir they started with a new project C.A.S. (Complete Audio System) which is built as a platform for developing young, new and unknown musicians from Russia to support them and give opportunities to play and grow up. In 2019 together with Slowdance team they made their first festival – MAP.

Alexey is a welcome guest in Russian and European clubs and also events in South America where he’s recently made his first tour.