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Hanny Firla

Czech Republic
Meister Drop‑Ins

My Drop‑Ins

Hi all, I would like to introduce my Meister Drop-Ins. My life in the theater knows no boundaries. We can try anything that will move us forward. Either in acting, singing or dancing. We can improvise, we can play Hamlet. Or we can talk about theater. It's up to you. I am open to new ideas. I look forward to our half-hour! To be, or not to be…Hanny
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Hanny Firla is a drama and musical actor, a speaker, an improvisor, a singer and a dancer. He has a degree in Performing arts, including acting, singing and dancing at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatoire and Higher Vocational School in Prague. A threefold winner of The Student Thalia Award. A member of IMPRA (improvisational acting project). Regularly hosting Tvoje Role podcast.