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Dominik Veselka

Van Lifer
Czech Republic
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"Hey guys, it’s Dominik - snowboarder, surfer, and last but not least, van-lifer and fan of all crafts and DIY. I am here to invite you to my Meister Drop-Ins. If you book the session with me, I’m gonna show you my van - easy and fast-track conversion made in just 14 days. And if you don’t have a van? No worries – you could transform your passenger car as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. For instance, me and my girlfriend converted our VW Passat and travelled with it through the whole of Portugal and Spain. We transformed a rental car for exploring the Azores Islands as well. Easy! So take your buddy in craft and book a session with me! Remember, quarantine is not bad – it gives you time to create, and be well-prepared for future travelling, even inland, so take it serious bro!"
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This van is self-contained, with 2 tanks for fresh and grey water, with a chemical toilet, a solar system with 230V electricity, a fridge, a cooker, and much other useful stuff inside! It’s proven by 6 months of living on the beach. Thus I definitely know what works, what could be maybe done better, or what I will completely skip or do in a different way for the next time and I can advise you what to beware of.

Even parking your future 5 star hotel on the wheels is not easy; finding a good spot could be a science! We can talk about all the things connected with the building and living in a van. Connecting your solar panel? Putting the water inside? It’s just up to you guys!