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"My team and I are making the largest music media in Ukraine, We want to change the world of media and content consuming about Ukrainian and foreign music culture for the best. We work both with young and experienced artists, players of the music market. Though, the questions are always the same: how to make others write about you? How to fill in press release properly? Why do you write about this artist but not about me? Also, we sometimes read questions from our audience: how to get in your team? How do media work? How to write interesting articles? Also, how to make the media about culture in Ukraine, how the way of making music media is changing nowadays, how musicians/artists can communicate with media and whether they really need it. I want to run the Meister drop-ins not to teach you anything (as I myself learn something every day). I’m into telling you about my experience and fuckups, about what we have to deal with every day at our job.
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Maksym Serdiuk is an editor-in-chief and a creative producer. Has 5 years of experience in media projects.

Co-founder of the music media SLUKH (before that media). In addition to working with the editorial office as Editor-in-Chief and its media management, produces and launches Youtube shows. Was a member of the delegation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Portugal and a TV-host and author of special projects of the UA: Pershyi TV channel.

He is a regular guest lecturer on new media, music journalism and creative content.