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Starting in 2009 as a HIp-Hop/Rap producer, his tracks started appearing in all of Armenia's main charts' tops during just a few years, followed by a number of albums and videoclips that are still relevant up until now. In 2016, he, with his friends, founds Rambalkoshe, and a couple of years later, already plays his first big show with Powel. After this, ALMO has played on different stages in different countries, sharing the stages with VIken Arman, Sainte Vie, Ninze, Spaniol, Niki Sadeki, Goldcap, Serjo, Armen Miran, Kora, Milo Haefliger, Spaniol, Pandhora, ADIA, Tummetott, Billy Caso, Moscoman's after , and many more talented artists. Alongside with playing music, ALMO continues producing, and also is a part of Rambalkoshe crew, which organizes the DZEN, a festival, which has already grown out of Armenia with its unique format.