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Annet X

singer, songwriter
Czech Republic
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In my Meister Drop In I wanna talk about the creative process of writing lyrics, contributing in the production of beats, filming music videos, how we plan stylings or makeup&hair and what is my style and the key to my online content.
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Annet X is 21-year-old singer, composer, songwriter and a fashion lover, designing collections of accessories and clothing. Started writing her music at 8-years-old and continued ever since. Going through social media phases, she has gone through blogging and making videos on YouTube, recording covers, which has helped her get attention and later record her Czech debut single Taktomabyt (2016) reaching millions of views. After playing with her sound and releasing multiple alternative singles, as well as R&B/Trap ballad Mon Ami (2019), she is now working on her debut Czech album after releasing her first project X (EP).