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Julian Short

South Africa


In 2014 Julian started working in bars to generate extra cash while working as a fresh-out-of-varsity sound engineer. During this time, he realised that there was something about the art of working the bar and the craft of cocktails that resonated with and he soon began to pursue a full-time career in hospitality.
After cutting his teeth at some of the top cocktail bars in Johannesburg he gravitated towards the world of competitive cocktail bartending, in which he thrived. Quickly racking up a plethora of awards and spending some time travelling abroad, he decided that it was time to open a bar of his own.
This dream was realised in late 2016 when he opened the doors of the award-winning speak easy bar, Sin+Tax, which was voted as one of the world’s best bars in 2019, and as the drinks-shaker extraordinaire and owner he has gained a worldwide loyal following.