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Indi Maverick & Donkan

Artist/Illustrator & DJ


Indi Maverick is a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer. She also has been developing and promoting her own style of tattoos with a unique and original designs.

She has been included among the best Mexican female illustrators and as a new emerging talent according to some articles on design sites. She had worked with major brands within the fashion industry intervening hand painted products, which are exclusive and unique. She also participated on individual and collaborative exhibitions at some of the most important cultural venues in Mexico and international art galleries.

Her work is mainly inspired by nature, animals and floral textures.

Donkan is an artist, Dj and music selector who has developed a dynamic and energetic style when facing the turntables; his versatile sound is characterized by generating a melodic and intriguing atmosphere on stage, mixing various genres ranging from Disco, Funk, Soul and deep, always having a clear focus on house.
With a great passion to travel around the world and expanding his musical horizons, at the age of 24, Donkan has already played his dj sets in various places in Europe and America.
Donkan is a clear enthusiast of music in vinyl format, so you can often see him performing “vinyl only” sets in many of his gigs, having a wide variety of wax in his collection just ready to be tested on the dance floor.
Years of experience and an accurate musical selection, coupled with an exquisite mixing technique, promise vibrant listening experience for all audiences