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wendy & Meqi

muralist & DJ


Wendy- Mexican artist inspired by beauty, strength and the feminine sensibility, taking Frida Kahlo as her principal inspiration, to revive and take as an example her passion for art threw a defying environment.
Adding in all of her pieces her Mexican roots.

Meqi- Mexican Dj that started his career in 2006 influenced by house, deep house and soulful house rhythms, keeping his musical line until today with a great manage of all this genders which has been reflected at the dancing floors with everyone around him.
He has shared booth with recognized international artist from different record labels, playing his music at the best clubs in México and some of the biggest festivals in this country: Mexico’s Formula 1 (paddock zone with skullcandy), Vive latino (Hospitality Zone), for Red Bull at the FIA world Endurance Championship, etc. Over the pass of the years this has given him the opportunity to take his music all around the country.
Like he says:
“Music is the answer”, it doesn’t matter the way you are feeling, if you are at a party or
Just at home, you will always find the best answer when you have it as your partner.