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Hey folk’s, it’s getting cold oustide, and the time of Hot Drinks is coming. But it’s not easy to get one in this hard times. NOT WITH US!!! My name is Florian Saxinger, Bar Manager at Amano Bar Munich. And I would like to make a Jägermeister Hot Punch with you. Do it like I do, or bring your own ingredients, and we create your own Signature „Jägermeister Hot Punch“. The ingredients that I use: Jägermeister, Rum, Cherry Juice, Red Wine, Honey, Tangerines, Cloves, Vanilla, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Pimento, Chili. Maybe you call your friends, and we make a small competiton. There will be only Winner’s!!! Looking forward to clink some Shot’s with you!
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I always was fascinated about the Bartenders behind the Bar. So I said to myself, let’s do this, this is what you want! After some Bar stations in Austria, where I come from, I worked on a Cruising Ship. It was a very nice experience, where I learned a lot about hospitality. After this 3 years chapter I decided to go back to Austria. I started in a Speakeasy Bar in Linz, called “Frau Dietrich”. Then I got a Job offer from “Bar Herzog” in Munich. I have agreed and worked there for 3 years. In this time I also did some Competitions, where I also won one or another. After a short stop at Bar “Trisoux”, I got a job offer from the Amano Group, which opens a new Hotel in Munich. Since the opening in August 2019, I work there as Bar Manager.