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Shauna (REWS)

United Kingdom
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"The premise of my Drop-Ins will be either a fast paced fun quiz based on ‘GUESS THE SONG’ where you and your party will battle it out for the winning title OR a dreamy acoustic experience of REWS tunes complete with a Q&A session. Guess The Song : What you need: Pen, paper and get ready for fun! How will the game unfold?: I will play an acoustic rendition of 18 popular song intros ranging from the 60’s through to ‘10’s and you will have to secretly guess what the correct song is and record it on a piece of paper. Once the battle ends, participants will report their results, a winner will be shown and as a prize, they will get to choose their favourite era between 60s and 10s & I will play a specially prepared song for them. Acoustic Show: What you will need: Nothing, just your computer, a glass of your favourite drink & cosy up on your couch!
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Meister Class

Make the Best Music Quiz Ever

3 min

We’re now a nation obsessed with quizzes and lucky for us we have REW's Shauna on hand to guide us through the absolute dos and don’ts of making a music quiz.


Shauna Tohill is the head honcho, singer/songwriter for upcoming alternative pop/rock band, REWS. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Shauna is rapidly making a name for herself and her band across the globe - having toured extensively across the UK, Europe and Ireland most recently supporting THE DARKNESS. She is currently working on releasing new material off of her high anticipated second album due for release in 2020.

Outside of REWS, Shauna acts as a session musician and vocal coach. Her proudest moment on this side of the fence was lending her vocal skills with Snow Patrol where she performed with them at the EMA’s and across Europe on their tour that same year.