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Cressida Lawlor

Cocktail Meister
United Kingdom
Meister Class

Five hacks to use lime

5 min

Don’t let the deceptively simple title put you off. From her homemade bar, The Pumproom, mixologist, Cressie, takes us through a five hack episode like no other. When lockdown gives you limes, make a, “super mega limey Jägermeister daiquiri”.


My name is Cressida Lawlor and I have been in the industry for 7 years. I have worked in all sorts of places but I am best known for my work in London Cocktail Club as a long standing General Manager and the Hubertus Circle. The HC is something that I have been a part of for the past 4 years and I have been able to teach many about this spirit. Jäger is my trademark liquid of choice.
When it comes to cocktails and bartending I have always taken it seriously, without taking myself too seriously. Drinks are something to be shared and so is the knowledge behind them.
For myself, it’s always important to create an atmosphere in any situation whether it is behind the bar or virtual.
When I am not behind the bar you can either find me on a motorcycle at high speed or getting into all sorts of situations with a Britney Spears sound track in the background...