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Andy Purnell

United Kingdom
Meister Class

To Become Your Friend's Fave DJ

4 min

Whether it’s befriending a controversial button on the mixer or just what to do with your face when DJ’ing, Andy P’s got you covered with his five hacks that’ll get your mates dancing and your Instagram popping.


Whether controlling a European festival stage with an audience of 20,000+, or building the vibe of an intimate celebrity filled dance floor in central London, I feel at home behind the turntables.

I have taken my party-rocking style from my home in London, to over 27 countries, across 4 continents. Clients include Team GB, Nike, Jagermeister, Gumball 3000, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, MTV, Ministry of Sound, and many more.

With roots founded in hip-hop and R&B, but with thousands of hours experience playing genres from 80’s, 90’s & 00’s pop, right through to disco and house, Andy has the tools to rock any party, regardless of the clientele.