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"Hello dear friends, My name is Tom and I'll show you how to use the simplest means and various techniques to prepare perfect drinks at home. Everyone will find everything you need at home! Such as coffee filter, mason jar, ISI cream bottle, etc. I would be very happy to have a good time with you and create some cool drinks. Your Tom Language: german or Czech"
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I've been working behind the bar for almost 20 years, currently in Austria in Linz. I've seen a lot of bars in the world and not just from the front. Great people taught me all about cocktails and there is one thing in particular that I loved - bitters. I started reading up, learning everything about bitters and finally tried to create my own recipe. In 2018 I finally managed to create a bitter so that it optimally supports and flavored the drinks for me. Of course, I got feedback from friends and colleagues. They tried it and loved it, so I decided not to keep it to myself. Tom's Bitters should give the guests a treat.
Tom's Bitters ingredients are carefully selected and artfully prepared, using only the highest quality, organic ingredients as much as possible.
"From the bartender for the bartender“