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Nils Boese

Cocktail Meister
Meister Class

Cupboard Cocktails

4 min

If you’ve ever wondered what cocktail works best in the post or how a tea-towel can make or break a drink, this ep is for you. Jägermeister’s go-to mixologist Nils shows us five unique hacks to making the finest cocktails with what you’ve got.


Nils Boese knows what he is talking about: more than 25 years ago, he started as an autodidact behind the bar and has been an integral part of the Germany cocktail scene ever since. In his “living room”, the Manhattan Bar, he has been mixing every conceivable cocktail from a powerful selection of more than 650 spirits since 1999, and all without recipes. Because these are only a guide, if at all – there is no dogma when it comes to taste. There is only one rule for him: You should prepare every drink with the utmost dedication and treat the ingredients and the guest with due respect.