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"Spring Season is coming and so are fresh fruits and juices! So let’s have some fun by a casual mixing session together. You will learn how to make a Shrub, a balanced out Sweet, Sour, Frutti ingredient and how to pimp your cocktails with it. To make a quick shrub we will need: Fruit Juice (Black Currant), Sugar, Vinegar (Balsamic) For the cocktail session you should have: Ice, a base spirit (like rum or gin), and a bit of Jägermeister will always help :-P If you write me a mail after your booking to we can personalize the ingredients and cocktail recipes."
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Hey, I am Csaba Schneider, a bartender from the Black Forest. I always needed to be around people, so I started to work in a cafe during my Business studies. Ten years later still working in the hospitality industry and hopefully always will
Mixing cocktails over the rooftops of Cologne in the Monkey Bar being very passionate about it.