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Russian Federation


Igor Elkin, professionaly known as DJ Elkin, is a Russian DJ and music producer.
Professional career Elkin began in 1999.
Catching up DJ work, Igor for a long time is one of the most wanted touring DJ's in Siberia.
He has organized a lot of his own parties as a promoter, including complete organization of two open - airs in the Altai Mountains and bringing the exclusive headliner for Siberia - Chris Cargo (UK).
Having reached the peak of mastery in work DJ, and finding its firm tone,
Igor decided to implement the experience and knowledge to create their own tracks.
His own musical tastes was formed by artists such as: Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, And One, Camouflage, Echomen.
Present time he prefer genres such as: tech house, techno progressive, minimal techno & deep house.
He was never afraid to make unusual and strange sound, mix genres and styles,
he looks forward and thinks that exactly idea of genre-mixing (a couple of styles and genres in one track) will be popular in future.
Resident DJ and music director Phangan family community, resident festival of electronic music Sunvibes in the Altai Mountains, resident DJ and music director festival of electronic music Butterfly DJ Sessions in the Altai Mountains, resident Emotional Noise Record Label / Proton L.L.C.(California, USA), resident DJ, music director Asia Experience (Moscow).
He currently lives and works in Moscow. Events held in the Moscow clubs БЕССОННИЦА and GAZGOLDER many are now known not only in Moscow but also abroad.
For many years Elkin has been living and playing underground music in Koh Phangan (Thailand) and Goa (India).
Currently, given the start of parties Asia Experience on the Chateau De Fantomas Rooftop (Moscow) and Gazgolder club (Moscow).