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Carolina Amaya

visual artist
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I want to invite you to enjoy and show you the experience of doing art, sharing some technics like digital painting, how to mix colors, and how to live as an artist.
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I’m a visual artist born in Bogota, Colombia, and based in Berlin for 3 years. I experiment and work with many different topics concerning the human spirit through eroticism, Colombian native’s heritage, human behavior through color, and simply by feeling the matter as a way to express energy. I do the installation with light, I use resin, wood, paper, fabrics, hair, vinyl, and holographic vinyl. I also do murals, work with tape art, so basically, I love to experiment with the matter, color, and light. I love what I do, and I'm super happy living in Berlin. As a Latin American woman artist, I feel Berlin is a good place to be, .