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"Hey peeps, im Roberto from Berlin and will tale care of you and us.We will create your own ""Glühpunsh"" with Jägermeister and talk about the whole process and having fun while we doing it together . maybe we talk about Music or netflix shows, who knows what happens when we have some shots together :) PLUS: Jägermeister has a little surprise for all my participants (exclusively from Germany), simply because it is Christmas! To find out what it is all about, just contact me (after you have booked a Drop-In Session) via Instagram (Link in my Intro) with a screenshot of the drop-in confirmation mail. You will then get all further information!”"
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I'm bartending since 15 years now, since May this year you can find me at the „Black Rabbit“ Bar in Berlin. My stations before were „Chapel Bar“ (Bartender), „Kantine Kohlmann“ (Conception and Barmanager), „Amano Bar“ (Barmanger).My style of Bartending i would describe as not too complicated, but effective. Do the best service you can do and be real and yourself. No fake.My favorite Spirits are Mezcal and Vermouth and yes , Jägermeister.Also I’m a Vinyl Collector and ii think Music is often the most underrated Element in a lot of Bars. „Don ́t panic, i got this!“ :)