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"¡Disponible en español! Mira el video (al final de la pagina) para saber como jugar. Let's Play Bad Decisions! The game is about predicting how your friends will respond to a series of questions about ethical dilemmas. How to play Each player needs a sheet with a ""YES"" on one side, and ""NO"". on the other. These sheets will be used to answer the questions. Your host, Joshy J, asks the questions. You have to predict how your friends will respond. Their answer, and your prediction, are revealed at the same time. If your prediction is correct, you win a point! If not, you feel a deep sense of shame. The first person to get 10 points wins the game, becoming the true Meister of the group. Example question: You come home to find your partner plugged into the wall via a USB cable. They admit to you that they are a robot. Do you end the relationship? If you want to find out how well you know your friends... you should play!"
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JOSHY J is a designer and artist from Manchester, UK, now living in Spain. His projects include a music video made from a spreadsheet, a replica of a 1980’s action movie bomb (which really works!), and MALAS DECISIONES, a game in which you get points for correctly predicting the moral values of your friends and loved ones. He’s also a DJ with a soft spot for 90’s house classics (check him out).

The game includes over 320 moral dilemmas, taken from the yet-to-be-published “Book of Bad Decisions”.

He is English/Spanish bilingual and the game is available in both languages.