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Niko Schwind



Youbecome responsible forever for what you’ve tamed”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry writes in his modern fairy tale ‘The Little Prince’, in which the protagonist travels through various worlds in search of friendship and benevolence.This quote undoubtedly fits to NIKO SCHWIND. He is one of these artists you immediately embosom. His deeply anchored love for music and his passion for sound set his course in 2001. Since then, the Berlin based DJ and producer is a steady fixture in the scene, consistently demonstrating a close bond to electronic music –the art form he himself has tamed. As a DJ, he travels the globe, having played from Europe to UK, across Canada, The USA,Australia,South America, South Africa to Asia.With his DJ-sets he creates a deep feeling ofconnectedness between him and the crowd with his unique flow, distinct mixture and musical taste, creating moments on the dance floor to remember.Since a decade NIKO SCHWIND belongs to the prolific artists of the Stil vor Talent roster with a non tearingstring of releases under his belt, constantly updating his sound, ranging from Downtempo over Indie to Melodic Techno, releasing acclaimed productions on various labels such as Stil vor Talent, A Tribe Called Kotori, Bar25, Katermukke, The Gardens of Babylon or Sincopat. Always with a certain emotional depth, effortlessly merging complex rhythms and textures to form a contemporary narrative.In 2018 Niko released the highly received Album 'Noordhoek' together with Oliver Koletzki. As a remixer the musical talent has been turning his hand on acts like Edu Imbernon, Oliver Koletzki, HVOB, Bondi or Stereo Express.When he is not in the studio working on new tracks, you find NIKO subsequently embarking on a hectic touring schedule: whether it’s Sao Paulo’s D Edge, Sydney’s Spice Cellar, Zurich’s Hive, Paris‘ Showcase, or Berlin’s Watergate, DGTL, ADE, Sisyphos, Gardens of Babylon, African Burn or Prater Sauna:Niko’s energetic, precise sets and musical taste thrill any international crowd.In 2020 exciting timeslie ahead, with the release of various EPs and Remixes, a new project in the pipe and a lot more up his sleave.