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"During my Drop-ins, I will be bringing the cocktail bar straight to your front rooms. I've been in the hospitality industry for the past 20years, working in some amazing venues in London. I will be providing you with a selection of cocktails, from classics, to make your own... So let’s have fun! (Get your own flair bottles too, if you want to learn a move or two...) CLASSIC COCKTAILS : Just get in touch and let me know which classic you would want to make, so i can tell you which ingredients to buy MAKE YOUR OWN: These can be anything from leftover fruits and vegetables in your fridge, spirits and liquors in the cupboard, or even ice cream, anything that we can use to make cocktails"
September 17 2021, Friday 2021
06:17 – 06:47 AM
Private Drop-in
June 11 2023, Sunday 2023
01:00 – 02:00 PM
Drop-in in English
July 10 2023, Monday 2023
06:50 – 06:45 AM
Private Drop-in


Hi .
The name is Babs
Big Babs ( bond impression)

With a wealth of experience spanning 2 decades I’m super excited to get to meet new people and impart vital tips and tricks to making delicious cocktails at home Via drop-pin

I once heard that people will always forget what was said but would never forget how they were made to feel (Maya Angelou )
I have stuck closely to this throughout my career .

In my drop in I would like to guide you through classic cocktails to bespoke styled concoctions but there will also be impromptu entertainment by way of Flair .


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