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"HERBS & SPICES UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE As long there is Jägermeister there will always be a way to have a good time together! So welcome to this digital christmas get together where we make and enjoy a punch together and have a long distance cheers with each other! To have something longer lasting in your home bar i will show you how easy it is to make your own spiced syrups for your tea, coffee, desserts or cocktails."
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Let me entertain you!

My name is Linda and I've been working half of my lifetime in hospitality and (since legal drinking age) bars.

I've been "Mom" of two bars for about 7 years and am Jägermeister Manifest Brand Ambassador in South and East Germany.

I am always looking for extraordinary ingredients, techniques and liquors to mix with it and to share all my experiences with my colleagues, customers and friends. Just like Jägermeister a good drink can only be an amazing drink when you can share the joy of it with others.