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Chez 186

Graffiti Artist


Chez 186 has been active in the Croatian graffiti scene for more than 20 years and his specific style has marked the generation of graffiti artists in Zagreb and Croatia. 20 years ago he started with what one would define as a classic style, which has through years of experimentation developed into abstraction. He never completely left the basic graffiti rules, but now plays with them within the sphere of abstract. He is one of the founders of first Croatian urban and graffiti gallery “SIVA galerija” where he organises and coordinates gallery exhibitions, painting events and graffiti workshops.
He is also active in the biggest regional (Western Balkans and Adriatic region) mural and graffiti festival “Graffiti na Gradele” (supported by Jagermeister too), where he is in charge of curating artists line-up and big walls format painting.
With regular appearances in Croatian media, he contributes to the affirmation of street art and graffiti scene in public and his work can be seen on walls in Europe, United States, the Middle East and more.