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Heinz Kaiser



Born 1966 in a small Austrian village, as son of a pharmacist family,
I moved to Vienna with 18 after college, to study pharmacy.
From the very beginning I worked in the hospitality business.
Since 1987 working in Cocktail Bars
Since 1999 working as a pharmacist
1996-2018 Bar Manager @ Dino's American Bar, Vienna
from 1999-2016 participation in several Cocktail competitions
2nd place Wyborowa International Cocktail Competition, 2002:
1st place Diageo World Austria and Europe 2010,
1st place Tahona Society World Finals 2013,
1st place Elit Competition Austria 2017,
1st place Bacardi Legacy Austria 2017
2nd place Diageo World Class competition, world finals 2011
Mixologist of the Year 2008, BCB Berlin 2008
Falstaff Bartender of the Year 2012, Austria
Since 2018 leaseholder of a Pharmacy in Vienna
Since 2019 Owner @ Dino’s Apothecary Bar, Vienna

Languages: German, English, Spanish