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Rostyslav Lisovyi



Hi everyone!
My name is Rostyslav Lisovyi. I am a head bartender of Closer
Savage Food restaurant.
I live and work at Kyiv, Ukraine. Last
five years i spent all of my time around Nizhneyrkovskaya 31. My career divided on two
part. Before Closer and inside Closer. When I finished study at KPI I understood that the engineering isn’t
my way. I tasted work at the Bar. I liked it and I wanted to study at Planet Z bartender school. At the
beginning of my bartender career, I work at Sky Art Cafe is a
beautiful place on the roof of PAC. When I work at Sky I
changed my day to night. After it I worked five year in Boom Boom Room - Biggest Small Club! Together we changed night life in Kyiv! But in 2013 this story was finish and I go to one year journey in India. In 2015, I came back to Ukraine. In 2016, I started work at Closer. In 2018, I wined in Dewars Cocktail Competition
Me and my bartender team wins in Altos Margarita Competition
I had a many big plans in 2020 but COVID2019 change all of my plans! Now I have new plans in new life!