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Atiba Jefferson

United States
Meister Class

Five hacks for the perfect photo

5 min

Cropping, cutting, colouring and so much more in world-famous photographer Atiba’s Meister Class.


Atiba Jefferson is a professional photographer, talented skateboarder, skilled musician and full-time rager! Originally from small-town Manitou Springs Colorado, he has been living in LA and loving it for the past 25 years.

Skateboarding is his first love, and since he was a teenager he’s been skating and taking photos all along the way. He would end up turning his passion into a star-studded career, currently shooting skateboarding content for Thrasher magazine, and expanding into the sports world, shooting basketball content for the NBA, Adidas, and Slam Magazine – working with top tier talent and artists along the way.

When he’s not skating, or holding a camera, Atiba also loves to DJ, make music, and run his own health drink brand Villager Goods.