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Reinhard Pohorec

Sensory Expert & Experience Designer


.. as an entrepreneur, creative mind and host Pohorec has established a unique reputation within the last decade as an emerging talent in the world of sensory technology, luxury brands and food & beverage. He delivers exceptional experience design, educational programs, coaching and hospitality project management for leading companies.
With a focus on the multi-sensory, he is an international expert on concept development, holistic design and consulting within the hospitality industry as well as tailor-made programs for global corporates, innovators and management.
His motivation is to create memorable and inspirational experiences to educate palette and lead with a strong pioneering spirit and innovation.
He delivers his philosophy not only as consultant or active host in the best bars and hotels in the world, but also as a prolific public speaker, author and by handcrafting his own high end products.

Reinhard Pohorec

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