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Amon Lang

Digital Artist
Meister Class

Five hacks to meister your Instagram feed

5 min

Chose a filter, create a story, go live. There's so much more fun to be had with your IG. Let German visual artist Amon Lang show you how.


Growing up poor I had a difficult childhood; divorced parents, single unemployed mother, in a small-minded city corrupted by gangs & violence. Even-though she did everything possible to make me a good ordinary life, she would also preach to me her values which were based on fear.
If I’d simply follow the system and play it safe, I could have a great future with a secure job and a nice house. So I did. From primary school to studying I.T. in Berlin, because this would get me a "safe“ & well-paid job. Until I realised one thing, I was miserable and stuck in a system based on fear following societies path to have an average good life...
...But I never was an average person. I loved to create my vision and every aspect of life. So in order to stay mentally sane, I needed to change everything - by going in a completely different direction and following my creative passion and fulfilling my real dreams.

Amon Lang

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