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DJ rita fomkina

Russian Federation


My passion for Hip Hop started in my childhood when I joined a Hip Hop dancing class, later on, as a teenager I tried out film photography at concerts and DJing. A few years later I became a dancer, photographer and one of the best professional Hip Hop DJs in the country. Besides the fact that I am the star resident DJ for RE:FLEX, the biggest Hip Hop party in the post-soviet space, some of my accomplishments include DJ sets for 6ix9ine and Denzel Curry at the biggest venues in Moscow and having worked with most big names in Russian Hip Hop. After 5 years of experience at regularly sold out Hip Hop venues I'm starting to experiment with House music and other genres. Moreover, I host a series of Hip Hop events titled RITA FOMKINA & CO.

DJ rita fomkina

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